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Elevate your event to the next level with our captivating 360-degree booth experience! Step onto our circular platform and prepare to be amazed by cutting-edge technology. Armed with high-quality cameras, gracefully captures your journey from every angle, ensuring no moment goes unnoticed. The result? A mesmerizing 360-degree video showcasing your unique poses, dance moves, and creative expressions.



Every Booth booking comes with a range of Props to make the experience even more fun! 


360 Booth

This unique booth offers a creative and fun way to showcase your event.


Custom Video Overlay

Once you have completed your turn on the 360 Booth, you jump off, and head to our onsite sharing station, where you can share your video to your device via AirDrop (Apple), Email, or Text!


Our booths start from as little as $299 per hour 

We offer free set up and pack-down within Dunedin and a small travel fee if just out of Dunedin! 

Having some speeches or dinner throughout the night and need a stand down? No worries! We charge a stand down rate of $75 per hour.

There is a $25 per hour for an assistant. For large events of 100+ People, there will be 2 assistants required.

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