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About Us


Michael Trillo NZ Started as something as little as Michael Trillo taking photos for families, this started to grow when Michael's music friends asked him if he could take some photos at an event they were playing, so off he went with no knowledge but the will to learn. 

After a handful of events, Michael managed to get himself some larger bookings (O-Week Dunedin, Six60 Dunedin, SoundSplash), He was hungry for more, Covid-19 hit and Michael had time to regroup, plan and build the business how he wanted, after our level 4 lockdown, Michael Trillo NZ became a team of young individuals that are passionate about capturing content in the event scene. While Michael headed off over New Years to shoot Rythm and Vines and Bay Dreams, a few of his other photographers stayed and shoot New Years in Dunedin, as a team, they captured several locations at the highest quality for each of their client.

Now, 2021 this has seen us take on some very big events, some different type of events and step into a new event market (post Covid). we are excited to be capturing your next Birthday, Ball, Music Event or Menu. 



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